10 Easy Tips And Ideas For Growing Awesome Tomatoes

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  • You need to start off with great soil and a healthy plant. Although it sounds simple, you can eliminate most of your tomato growing challenges with these simple mandates. Soil, full of rich compost and other organic material can be your secret weapon to growing the best tomatoes around. There is no man-made substitute for good old-fashioned compost.

    In fact, many of the best tomato experts grow their plants in pure compost. After putting together your great soil, follow these 10 easy steps for growing tomatoes from theprairiehomestead.com and enjoy a juicy crop of ripe tomatoes, perfect for summer salads and fresh sauces.

    This easy 10-step process will transform you from a beginner to a master organic gardener all while producing a juicy, ripe crop that will be perfect for summer salads and fresh sauces.

    Tomatoes are an anomaly…

    Some years they’re one of the easiest things to grow, and you have juicy red fruit coming out of your ears. And then there’s those other years that leave you begging for even the smallest cherry tomato from your puny plants.

    It seems to be feast or famine. And the the famine years put a serious crimp on my addiction to homemade tomato soup. We can’t have that, now can we?

    I’ve been digging around a bit to increase my odds of success whilst growing tomatoes, and here are some of the best tips for I’ve found.

    If you are one of the experienced gardeners in the crowd, then you probably already implement many of these tips. But if you are a newbie, hopefully these will increase your odds of success!


    1. Plant deep. If you can, bury the stem of the tomato well into the ground when you transplant. The steam and leaves that are buried will end up sprouting roots, and you’ll end up with a stronger plant.

    uses for eggshells

    2. Amend the hole with some crushed eggshells for added calcium. Blossom End Rot is a common problem which can be caused by a lack of calcium. A handful of eggshells at the bottom of your planting hole just might be the remedy for this trouble. And throw a bit of compost in the hole while you are at it. (Need more ideas on how to use up your extra eggshells? I’ve got ya covered!)

    3. Water tomatoes from the ground up. It’s best to avoid getting the leaves of the tomato plant wet if you can… (Although I’ve definitely used the sprinkler on my ‘maters in years past…) So if you can, invest in some soaker hoses to water the plants deeply.


    Find more tips for growing amazing tomatoes over at theprairiehomestead.com

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