10 Tools Every Homesteader Should Have

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  • Zach Dunn published an awesome article over at offthegridnews.com listing 10 must-have tools for every Homesteader. The more I read about successful Homesteaders I find that they have most if not all of these 10 tools. They are not expensive and should be in your storage shed for when you might need them to work on the Homestead.

    10 Must-Have Tools For Every Homestead

    I will be the first to admit I am a through and through firearms nut. Like many fellow firearms “nuts,” I frequently cruise online rifle forums where just about everyone with a keyboard, an ego, and an AR-15 likes to gently and quietly share opinions about just about everything. If you are a fellow gun nut, then you know I only stretched things a bit. If you’re not, I apologize — and I have a point.

    A common topic on any firearm forum is often: “If you could only have 5-10 items ….” But I have yet to see a solid list on any website of what the average homesteader should have before starting out. So I thought I’d give it a try.
    This list is based on personal experience in running a small farm, fixing just about everything entailed with the farm, and hunting wild game.


    1. Tools. If you have not started building a collection of tools to fix everything and anything that is on your homestead, start now. DO NOT purchase junk. Yes, it is cheaper, but no, it does not last. Think Estwing Hammers (good solid all-steel construction that is built to last), Craftsman or Snap-On hand tools, and Dewalt Power Tools, just to name brands I trust. An extensive set of ratchets and sockets is a must-have.
    If you have a vehicle, you had better have the equipment to keep it running. Oil filter wrenches, tire irons and floor jacks are all things you need to consider. If you have a tractor(s), the tools just get bigger.

    2. A good sewing kit. Pants, flannels and just about everything else you wear daily will wear out. Repairing worn clothing or making new work pants from scratch is a skill you will need to learn. A well-equipped sewing kit is important to the continued operation of any farm or homestead, especially if one day the lights go out and don’t come back on.

    3. Firearms. At the very least, a well-built and reliable rifle chambered in .22 long rifle is a serious need. From killing varmints to putting dinner on the table, a .22 is an indispensable tool to have on any homestead. If you are going to buy a brand new rifle, in today’s world I would pursue a Mossberg 802 Plinkster bolt action or the venerable Ruger 10-22 semi-auto. If you want to step back in time and buy used, head to a pawn or gun shop and purchase an older Marlin bolt action or a Remington.

    The 5 Best Home Defense Shotguns

    I recommend also purchasing a pump action .12 gauge or .20 gauge shotgun. A shotgun comes in handy in pursuing a variety of game and is an excellent choice in home defense. However, you will be limited in range as opposed to a rifle.
    I also recommend a rifle chambered in a caliber capable of taking deer-sized game. A rifle like this can provide much meat for a family, and can even be used to dispatch farm animals set for slaughter quickly and humanely.

    4. A quality axe. Not a hatchet. A high quality Council tool or even better, a Gransfors axe. A felling axe, and possibly a splitting maul are two items that are indispensable on a homestead.

    5. Chainsaw…


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