10 Ways To Stay Warm On The Homestead Without a Heater

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  • It’s cold outside. Winter is a great time to save money on utilities. Unlike Summer when, depending on where you live, air conditioning is practically mandatory, there are several ways to stay warm on the Homestead throughout the winter without cranking up that heater.

    During the colder months a source of heat is very important. With the severe weather which seems to have become the norm it may become harder for you to keep rooms in the Homestead heated with the rising cost of energy.

    These wonderful ideas will create free heat for any room in your home and are all self contained units which work independently of any other energy source, which means even if there is a power outage/shortage you’ll be prepared to keep your home warm in any emergency situation.

    On the next page discover 10 ways to produce free heat for a room.

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