11 DIY U-Shaped Raised Garden Bed Ideas

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  • U-shaped garden beds are cost-effective, providing more growing space with less material costs. They work well with matching garden trellises, to enclose an area with flowering vines, fruits and vegetables.


    Improved Soil and Drainage
    Because raised garden beds never get stepped on, the soil doesn’t get compacted. Also, you can combine the perfect amount of soil, fertilizer, and amendments to make a perfect bed for growing plants. Because you can also use super-powered soil in them, you can also improve the drainage.

    Increased Yield
    You can plant seeds (even vegetable seeds) closer together in a raised garden bed because the light soil mixture improves the effectiveness of the water and oxygen. This allows the roots to expand easier. A raised garden bed also tends to be warmer than the ground, so you can plant a couple weeks earlier than you could just planting in the ground.

    Simplified Weed and Pest Control
    By planting densely, you can prevent weeds. Also, a raised garden bed will have less weeds because of its distance from the surrounding grass/weeds.

    goodshomedesign.com shares 11 awesome raised bed ideas for your consideration.

    Growing plants in your yard is not easy. But if you can make the task easy, why shouldn’t you resort to clever tricks? The DIY  Raised Garden Bed (MyDailyRandomness Blog)  is one such trick that will definitely help. Besides the improved quality of the soil as well as better drain access benefited from a raised garden bed, you can still have issues reaching some of your plants; and that was the whole point of having a raised garden bed in the first place – easier access and less effort. That’s why a garden bed in a U-shape is simply brilliant! With this instead of a large rectangle, you can reach across the entire raised garden with less effort. Here are the tools you will need for the project: a circular saw, a power drill/driver, a hammer and a trowel. Grab your pine and cedar planks, see the photo-guideline and you should be on your way to building the perfect raised garden bed. The U-shape is a good direction but there are other ideas and shapes you can implement. Take a closer look and pick your favorite!




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