12 Bedroom Plants To Help The Family Sleep Better

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  • There is nothing more annoying than tossing and turning all night, before being awoken by the sound of your alarm clock – just minutes after you finally managed to doze off! These sleepless nights can take their toll on our energy, productivity, mood and overall quality of life.

    One way to ensure a better quality of sleep is to fill your home with beautiful plants in beautiful planters. Not only do they look great and bring vitality and life to your living spaces.

    Choosing the right plants for your bedroom can be a fantastic way to help give you a relaxing night of sleep too. Studies have shown that half of all insomnia issues are related to anxiety and stress in daily life. These same studies have also proven that when a person is able to spend time outdoors, it can greatly reduce stress levels and give a calming effect. So bring the outside in the form of plants indoor.

    On the next page are 12 plants to add to the bedroom to help with sleeping better.

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