14 Ways For Living a Simpler Homesteading Lifestyle

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  • If you are looking for ways you can start being more self-sufficient and living a simpler Homesteading lifestyle consider these 14 steps from littlehouseliving.com. Homesteaders need to have a true appreciation for life and do not listen to the naysayers. Homesteading can be simple even though it takes a lot hard work.

    Over the years I've learned a lot about the steps of moving towards a simpler lifestyle and today I thought I would combine the best ones for you in this article. I'm not saying these steps will be easy or that they are something you can accomplish in a week, but with dedication, you will be able to soon see a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Create a morning routine. This simply didn't matter to me before we had children and now I understand just how important and necessary it is! Without a calm morning routine, our day will feel hectic and chaotic. This is the chance we have to set the mood for the rest of the day. I start my morning by waking up with the baby (about an hour or 2 before the rest of the family). Baby will watch me as I pick up the kitchen and house and begin preparing the meals for the day. If the weather is nice I will take the baby in his carrier and we go for a little walk. My goal in the morning is to have the house mostly picked up, supper started, and breakfast on the table by the time the rest of the family comes downstairs. I also like to have on some inspirational or calming music in the morning. Need help getting started? You might enjoy the Make Over Your Mornings Course.

    Kick the clutter to the curb. And I mean really kick it all the way out of your house. When we moved into the camper over 2 years ago we sold about 3/4 of what we owned and guess what? We don't miss a single thing! Take it in pieces. Clean out one room at a time and then a few months later, do it again. Keep cleaning out until all you have left are the things you feel are beautiful and the things you really need. I do not own anything that I do not use less than once a week (besides canning equipment and seasonal clothing). Everything has a purpose or significant meaning. This is a very difficult step for many people, but I assure you that it's 100% worth it.

    Stop using electronics after supper. This was a hard one for me and something I only implemented recently. I tend to be a bit of a workaholic and it's hard for me to put down the computer. But we made it a goal to let go of the electronics after supper, which opens up so much time for other things to get done or for family time. If work still needs to be done after supper I'm occasionally allowed to use my computer, but only after the kids are in bed.

    Create a cash budget. There's nothing wrong with using a debit card or checks for paying bills, but we've found that life can be greatly simplified by using cash for everyday things. We use the Irregular Budgeting System, so our income goes to pay all bills first and then the rest is split up and those “extras” are kept as cash. Why? It greatly simplifies any money issues; you either have the money to spend or you don't. And no more worrying about using credit cards or over-drafting a bank account.

    Clean as you go. I could not picture living a simplistic lifestyle without this step! When I'm baking or cooking, or even working on a craft project, I'm always cleaning as I go. (And usually with my homemade cleaners made with essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs.) This prevents me from getting to the end of the project and being so tired that I don't want to clean up or from telling myself I'll clean it up tomorrow and then it doesn't get done. Tomorrow is just as busy as today. Clean up as you go!


    Find more ways to live a simpler Homesteading lifestyle over at littlehouseliving.com

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