15 Homesteader Ideas For Becoming More Self-Sufficient

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  • Here is the first idea.

    Construct a backyard chicken coop for fresh eggs

    Chicken Coop

    In many ways, owning chickens is a lot like owning a dog, except chickens do not need to be walked and aren't really interested in playing fetch. And what they lack in terms of love and companionship, they easily make up for with their eggs, the unique, golden yolks.

    Contrary to popular belief, chickens only require a small amount of space to roam — although the more you have, the better! Studies show that chickens raised on pasture or backyard grass, where they are free to roam and peck at worms and insects, produce eggs that are more nutritious, higher in beneficial omega-3 fatty acids and tastier than eggs from chickens raised on factory farms.

    Websites like buildingachickencoop.com offer plans for building your own chicken coop and other resources to get you started on your journey to obtaining fresh eggs daily from your own backyard. If you're feeling particularly handy and willing to take on a small project, building your own backyard chicken coop is a project that could save you money.

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