17 Amazing And Unique Uses for Beeswax

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  • Beeswax has been in use for thousands of years for making candles. Beeswax is an amazing substance for making candles because it is non-toxic and the light produces a warm honey scent. When you burn beeswax candles in your Homestead, the air is actually being purified versus being polluted with a paraffin-based candle.

    The unique thing about beeswax is it can be used for things other than candles. You can use beeswax for things like making skincare and beauty products, as a wood cleaner, an alternative to plastic wrap, and much more.

    Beeswax is a natural byproduct from active bee colonies that has been used for centuries. Beeswax alone is pretty incredible, the way the bees make this natural substance is just amazing, but how we use it can be pretty amazing too!

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