18 Amazing Uses For Epsom Salt You Need To Know About

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  • Epsom Salts – chemically known as magnesium sulfate – are named after the spring in Surrey, England where the naturally-occurring mineral was discovered in the water. A must have natural remedy for every home, Epsom salts may be used topically or taken internally.

    When I hear the words “Epsom Salts” the thing that comes to mind is soaking my feet. That is honestly the only thing I’ve ever heard it used for….before now. I have also learned a thing or two about how it is helpful in the garden and a myriad of OTHER benefits. By the way Epsom salt isn’t really a SALT at all, but a natural mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate.

    On page 2 are 18 amazing uses for Epsom Salt that will help you and others in your family.

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