20 Different Ways To Build Your First Mobile Tiny Home

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  • In most traditional homes, we end up paying for space we don’t really use. Sure a guest bedroom, office, den, and two car garage sound great, but is it really worth the three times a year we utilize these spaces to their fullest? For the Tiny House Family, wasted space is not an option.

    Living in a tiny home is a great way to save money on utilities. Anyone can build a mobile tiny home that can be used as a basic dwelling or a mobile cabin.

    The mobile tiny home movement started roughly a decade ago, but the economic crisis rapidly accelerated its growth as people began to re-evaluate their lifestyles, craving the simplicity that comes with scaling down. At a fraction of the average house price (some a mere $20,000), these structures eliminate the hassle and potential pitfalls of a mortgage. Plus, they force their occupants to pare down their belongings to the essentials and devise innovative solutions to make the most of every inch.

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