21 Tips For Quitting The Day Job And Going Off Grid To Live The Dream

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  • Living off grid is a dwelling that does not rely on electrical power transmission from the national grid system. In other words, these are properties dotted with distinct features like wind turbines, solar panels, micro hydro installations (water power), and/or the burning of any number of fuels to generate electricity, heat, or light. Sierra Bright over at Natural Living Ideas has put together 21 tips for quitting your job and living off grid.

    Have you ever wanted to be free of the stresses of your present life? Ever considered breaking out on your own and living independently of the public utilities and other so-called modern conveniences that seem to keep you chained down?

    What’s keeping you from realizing your off-grid dream? Sometimes, it may be your career or misplaced notions of duty and responsibility towards society standing in your way of personal freedom.

    Visions of living in penury and in crooked little houses with no creature comforts may be acting as a deterrent to others. We are social animals, no doubt, but that doesn’t mean we have to live close together in congested cities and stick to specific roles like ants in a colony.

    Fear of the unknown is so real that even the drudgery of a 2-hour commute to work and spending almost all your monthly check to pay off bills and mortgages can be strangely comforting. It does take some courage to leave the well-oiled machinery of social life even with all its downsides. However, the benefits of living life unchained from the 9 to 5 grind are immeasurable to many.

    Not sure where to start? Here are some very good reasons and tips that may help you to take the plunge into the unknown.

    1. You can be your own boss
    2. You can have a debt-free life
    3. No need to work all day to pay the bills
    4. Work hard, but work for yourself
    5. Sharpen your skills to increase earning potential
    6. Cut down unnecessary expenses
    7. Get rid of unnecessary items
    8. Get into the money-saving mode
    9. Quit some expensive habits
    10. Travel to less populated areas
    11. Rent out a cabin…

    Find more ideas for living off grid and a discussion on each over at Natural Living Ideas.

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