24 Reasons For Picking And Using Dandelions

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  • Apparently, those pesky yellow weeds in the garden can provide numerous benefits you have never been aware of. Dandelion has been used throughout the history in the treatments of numerous health issues, such as kidney disease, liver issues, appendicitis, and heartburn.

    Every single part of the dandelion, from the roots to the blossoms is edible, and it is high in minerals, like zinc, iron and potassium, and vitamins D, C, A, and B. Moreover, its consumption provides numerous benefits,

    Did you know you’ve probably pulled, stomped or sprayed a natural super food that grows in your yard? Dandelion is mostly known as a yard weed, but it has amazing nutrient quality and health promoting properties. All the parts of the dandelion plant can be used in various ways though the roots and leaves are the most commonly used as herbs.

    On the next page is a list of 24 reasons for picking and using Dandelions right now.

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