25 Plants And Herbs That Are Easy To Propagate From Cuttings

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  • Plants can be propagated in a number of ways. The most used methods of propagation is definitely propagating plants from cuttings. Rooted cutting is one of the simpler techniques, often come to maturity faster, bearing flowers and fruits much earlier than seedlings.

    The good news about plants grown from cuttings is that the cuttings are exact clones of the parent plant, so you know exactly what you’re growing, which is not the same with seed-grown plants.

    The best part is that a single plant can give you plenty of cuttings without jeopardizing its health. Plus it can be fun, you can exchange cuttings with your gardening friends.

    Here is a simple, inexpensive, effective way to root cuttings of many plants and herbs. it is probably the same method that our grandparents used on their Homestead. All you need is a glass of water and a window sill. This method will root cuttings in several day as you propagate your plants and herbs.

    On page 2 are 25 plants and herbs you can easily propagate from cuttings.

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