26 Healthy And Delicious Mason Jar Meals

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  • Mason jars can be used to store sweet treats, main meals, and even breakfasts, often saving you time and effort. Not only are these ideas delicious, they are super cute too, making them perfect for when you have guests over! There is a little bit of everything here and I am sure you are going to find at least one that you are going to love. homemadehomeideas.com has put together a collection of 26 delicious mason jar meals for you that are easy and fun.

    Whether you want quick and easy meals which can go with you anywhere or a single serving sweet treat then this list has it all. If you find yourself with no time in the morning or fed up with a sandwiches at lunch then with 26 recipes you’ll find plenty of alternatives and quick eats here.

    With everything from chili to salads and fruit parfaits we’ve hunted the web and found for you the most delicious, easy and fun mason jar meal recipes out there, now all you have to do is get those jars ready.

    Breakfasts In A Jar

    Scrambled Eggs – Taking just 90 seconds to make this is a quick and delightful breakfast that will keep you going until lunch time and you can add any leftover veggies too as a way to make it even more delicious.

    Blueberry Pancakes – This quick and easy recipe will fill up even the hungriest person in the morning and will give you an old favorite no matter how short of time you are.

    Breakfast Casserole – Start the day off properly with a full stomach after eating this tasty treat which is ridiculously easy to make. You can even add bacon and sausage if you want a feast.

    Cinnamon Rolls – Nothing beats a warm cinnamon roll to get you going in the morning especially one that’s fresh out of the oven and coated in icing.

    Breakfast Parfaits – This healthier alternative is a fabulous mix of fresh fruits, crunchy granola and mouth watering yogurt which will give you the energy you need to face the world each morning.

    Breakfast Parfaits

    Find all the mason jar meals over at homemadehomeideas.com.

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