28 Tutorials To Help You Become More Self Sufficient

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  • Becoming a Homesteader and becoming more self sufficient means making a few simple changes or a whole lifestyle over-haul. Whichever you want homemade home ideas dot com has put together a list of posts that covers Food & Recipes, Garden & Crops, and Livestock & Bee Keeping tutorials and tips you will need to implement to become a self-sufficient Homesteader.

    Food & Recipes Tutorials

    17 Foods To Buy Once And Regrow Forever – Never buy these 17 foods again, simply buy once and regrow them from their cuttings, leaving you with an abundance of food all year round!

    How To Start Canning – Canning is a wonderful way to preserve foods when they are in season so you can have them throughout the year. Make the most of your crops by turning them into delicious sauces, pickles, jams, jellies…the list keeps on going.

    How To Pickle Anything – Making crisp, crunchy pickles is a quick and easy way to extend the shelf life of your harvest. With just a few ingredients you can make your own with this simple recipe!

    Homemade Apple Chips – Creating delicious, natural snacks needn’t be complicated or expensive. This simple recipe will make crunchy treats from your own home grown apples.


    How To Make Cheddar Cheese – Nothing beats a grilled cheese sandwich, apart from using your own cheese. With this full tutorial anyone will be able to make their own tasty make.

    Make Your Own Butter From Milk – Butter is a simple item that can be made at home by anyone. Now you won’t have to head to the store and can take your self sufficiency to the next level

    50+ Canning Recipes – This is one of, if not the, simplest way to store your food. It will maen you can enjoy summer foods in the middle of winter. Can everything from sauces and vegetable to jellies and pie fillings.

    How To Dry Herbs Without Electricity – Dried herbs are not just a great addition to your recipes, but also a beautiful piece of decor that will add a natural fragrance to any room they’re hanging in.



    101+ Dehydrating Recipes – Dehydrating is the removal of moisture from foods to allow for better preservation and long term storage. Dried foods are so versatile… they can be incorporated into meals, packed up for emergencies or taken along on a family camping trip!

    Make A Food Storage Shelf – The easiest way to keep vegetables fresh is to allow air to circulate round them. This simple DIY will provide you with much needed storage for your produce but will also help it remain garden fresh a lot longer.

    Self-sufficient Garden & CropsTutorials

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