36 Easy DIY Paracord Projects For Homesteaders

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  • Paracord is a Homesteader’s best friend. Paracord, also called parachute cord is lightweight but strong, versatile, inexpensive,and easy to carry in you backpack or bug-out-bag. It comes in so many colors, we can not possibly name them all.

    DIY paracord projects are fun for the whole family to help make. Making things using 550 cord assures you will always have lots of available string to make things from during emergency situations. This is a big reason why 550 cord survival bracelets are so popular. One of the best ways to assure you always have cord readily available is to wear a paracord bracelet or belt or keyring.

    You can use 550 paracord to make a lot things from clothing to furniture to tools and self-defense. There are a number of projects to fill just about any need. There are also endless numbers of cool paracord projects you can make from this nifty, strong survival cord.

    On page 2 are 36 easy DIY paracord projects for Homesteaders.

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