5 Reasons To Cook Using Cast Iron Skillets, Pots, and Pans

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  • Pots and pans made from stainless steel, aluminum, and Teflon-coated non-stick have almost replaced the cast iron pans of old.When you talks to Homesteaders that use cast iron pots and pan they will tell you that are no match for them in safety and durability. If you have inherited any rusty old pans from your parents or grandma, hold on to them. If you find them in garage sales, grab them.

    My grandma cooked with cast iron only and nothing else. My mom also did a lot of cooking with a cast iron skillet. I was always amazed what they cooked in their skillets. They would cook all-in-one meals, breads, desserts, and my favorite breakfast eggs, bacon, and pancakes.They both swore by their cast iron skillet, pots, and pans.

    On the next page are 5 reason you should be cooking with cast iron skillets, pots, and pans.

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