5 Reasons To Cook Using Cast Iron Skillets, Pots, and Pans

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  • Cast iron skillets, pots, and pans can be expensive but they will last for a lifetime. Cast iron pots and pans cook evenly, efficiently and best off all, use less fatty oils that regular pans. So that alone makes foods healthier. There are so many benefits for cooking in cast iron. mentalscoop.com shares 5 reasons you should be cooking with cast iron.

    Here are 5 reasons you, and everybody, should consider cooking with cast iron:


    Granted, my first set of skillets was free, and to be honest, I initially could see why someone left them behind when they moved. My first use of cast iron in the kitchen ended with a skillet sitting in a sink of tepid dish water overnight, where it oxidized and got a little nasty. But once I did a few minutes of research and learned how to clean and maintain these pans properly, I realized that these stout skillets are worth much more than their purchase price.

    Cast iron cookware is cheap to purchase initially, even at the retail level. I recently saw a 5-piece starter set of cast iron cookware on Amazon for about $90.00. Individually, even high-end cast skillets can be purchased new for less than $20.00. The savvy shopper, however, can find cast cookware even cheaper. I actually found an enamel-coated cast iron skillet with a lid for $3.00 at a neighbor’s yard sale recently. Not bad for a pan that will last me the rest of my life!


    Find more reasons you should be cooking with cast iron over at mentalscoop.com.

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