5 Tips For Keeping The Homestead Chicken Coop Smelling Fresh

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  • Raising chickens is fun, but cleaning the coop and keeping the smell down can be a hassle. However, it’s a necessary part of the chicken keeper’s job, preventing health problems and decreased production in the flock.

    If I had to pick the most unpleasant aspect of being a chicken owner it would be the smell and the flies.  But not to worry, because it doesn’t have to be a problem any longer.  Flies and a bad smell are the result of the same thing, the chicken’s manure.  Depending on the number of chickens, and how much space they have, there might be a large concentration of manure in a small area.

    Some Homesteaders clean their chicken coop every other week to help keep the chickens healthy and the coop smelling fresh.

    On page 2 are 5 tips to keep the Chicken Coop smelling fresh.

    Please share the methods you use to keep your chicken coop smelling fresh in the comments below.

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