7 Part Video Series On Setting Up A Homestead Off Grid Solar Power System

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    The first video of the series examines your needs with regards to the size and design of the system.

    The second video helps you decide on the which batteries to use.

    In the third video you are made aware of things you will need for installing the solar panels.

    In the fourth video of this DIY series you will see how to properly wire your solar panels.

    In the fifth video, you are introduced to popular types of charge controllers, PWM and MPPT, and you can see exactly how they both work.

    The sixth video explains the battery box and some safety items.

    The seventh video discusses living with off grid power.

    Watch video 1: DIY How To Understand and Size Your Off Grid Solar Power System.

    Watch video 2: DIY Off Grid Solar Power How To Understand, Choose, and Size Batteries


    Watch video 3: DIY Off Grid Solar: How And Where To Mount Solar Panels


    Watch video 4: DIY Off Grid Solar- How To Wire Solar Panels


    Watch video 5: DIY Off Grid Solar- Choosing A Charge Controller MPPT vs. PWM


    Watch video 6: DIY Off Grid Solar- The Battery Box and Safety


    Watch video 7: DIY Off Grid Solar- Living With Off Grid Power In SHTF

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