A Creative Storage Solutions to Organize All Your Canned Food

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  • You can build multiple vertical storage racks and place them on a single wall in a small Homestead or off grid cabin. The article by Monika Williams over at backwoodshome.com includes a detailed list of tools, equipment, supplies, photos, and instruction that you will need for this project. The instructions along with illustrations will make building this vertical rack easier. To build the racks, plywood is recommended because it is sturdy and long lasting. Building the racks is a relatively easy job and if you follow the instructions there shouldn’t be a problem.

    I made these racks to fit the wall space I had available. I chose to make four smaller racks instead of a large one. I did this due to my personal storage needs. This particular rack holds 17 cans in each of the vertical rows and one shelf on the end holds 16 tuna cans. This design is pretty simple; you can choose any type of wood you desire. We had most of the lumber on hand, but we did have to purchase some from the local lumber yard.

    These racks can be made to fit your available space. I have made three of these so far, all placed on the same wall.

    Building the racks

    Find material, instructions, and illustrations for making this vertical rack over at backwoodshome.com.

    Featured Image Courtesy Of: backwoodshome.com


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