A Different Way To Remove Pet Potty Stains In Carpet

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    Unfortunately when pets are young they have accidents. Those stains are difficult at times to get rid of especially the smell. There are commercial solutions but they are expensive. jillee over at onegoodthingbyjillee.com shares a cheap solution for getting rid of the potty stains and the smell.


    Several months ago a reader shared a tip in the “One Good Thing By You” Contest that at the time I thought was BRILLIANT…but not one I could personally use. It was her tried-and-true method for dealing with Pet Stains (or as she so adorably referred to them…Pet Potty Spots!)

    While I don’t have a dog myself, No. 1 son (Erik) and his wife Kaitlyn have a boxer named Milo that we were dog-sitting for over Christmas. He’s not quite a year yet and while he’s completely trained when he’s at THEIR house…at OURS he got a little confused and accidentally left us with a “pet potty spot” on our carpet. That was over a month ago and while I tried to clean it up the best I knew how at the time, over time it has continued to get darker and darker and to bug me more and more. That’s when I was reminded of Shauna’s great tip and decided to give it a try!

    All I can say is….WOW! It literally worked its’ “magic” right before my eyes!

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