A Future Solar-Powered Expandable Eco Mobile Home

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  • Eco-conscious design is the way of the future, and it’s currently set to revolutionize the housing market as homeowners and Homesteaders are opting for sustainable and environmentally conscious dwellings, rather than unethical housing that draws heavily on energy.

    A push toward transportable ecological dwellings is on the rise due to a demand for affordable housing, dramatically increasing electricity costs and the desire for families to enjoy sustainable breaks and holidays. Individuals are driving the concept of escaping the ‘rat race’ with an aim to live ‘off the grid’.

    With the increasing importance and responsibility of saving the planet and all its natural resources, some individuals as well as companies have been thinking out of the box and creating innovative solutions to housing problems and the impact they have on our environment once constructed. Eco friendly or green homes have come a long way in just a short time frame. With changing environmental conditions, architecture too will have to go through a major transformation to sustain humanity in a world where energy doesn’t come cheap.

    Watch the video on the next page to discover more about Prodengin an Australian-based product engineering company that has sparked a revolution with their mobile, solar-powered, self-sustainable eco-dwellings.

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