A Future Solar-Powered Expandable Eco Mobile Home

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  • As the drive toward ecological dwellings continues, innovative Australian enterprise Prodengin is front running a unique concept that is set change the future of environmentally conscious accommodation. With patent pending product designs, the business aims to offer an innovative mobile dwelling to global business, recreational and humanitarian markets.

    What is a Prodengin SEED?

    Prodengin’s SEED (Solar-powered Expandable Eco Dwelling) is a purpose-built expandable dwelling system which expands in seconds. The expandable dwelling is fully transportable providing a range of uses for small business, recreational housing, disaster relief housing, refugee housing / facilities and transportable dwellings.

    The dwellings are self-sustaining & can be fitted with water trapping infrastructure as well as solar panels so owners can travel or live off the grid leaving the smallest footprint possible.

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