A Guide For Growing, Harvesting, And Drying Lavender

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  • Lavender is an old plant that stretches across lands and cultures. The early Egyptians used shrouds soaked in lavender to embalm their mummies. Ancient Greeks remedied all sorts of conditions such as muscle aches, insomnia and even insanity with lavender.  lavender was also used to wash clothes, as an antiseptic during World War I and also to treat burns.

    Lavender is a beautiful flowering herb that grows in bushy shrubs that get larger each year. A full grown lavender bush yields 7 – 8 bunches of lavender, which can then be dried and used in cooking or to make sweet-scented sachets and other crafts. Pruning and harvesting lavender properly ensures the longevity of the plant, which can keep producing flowers for decades if you're lucky.

    On the next page is a guide for growing, harvesting, and drying lavender.

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