A Simple Method For Grafting Apple Trees

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  • Locate donor trees that offer the varieties of apple you want. I’ve found that most folks will allow you to take cuttings from even their most valued apple producers, as long as you act as if you know what you’re going … and assure them you won’t harm their trees. Tree cuttings used for grafting are called scions, and you’ll want to take them from thin limbs that produced well the previous summer, as evidenced by an abundance of dormant but fat early-spring buds.

    Harvest scions in foot-lengths, beginning your cut just below one of the buds.

    Grafting trees involves combining a bottom rootstock of one tree to the scion, or budding branch, of another tree to make a successful fruit tree. Apple trees are often considered the best starting place for learning to graft trees. Apple seeds, once planted, don’t produce fruit that is identical to the apple they came from so grafting allows you to reproduce the apples of our choice.

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