Becoming A More Self Sufficient Homesteader With These 28 Tutorials

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  • Becoming a Homesteader and becoming more self sufficient means learn new skills allow you to do things around the Homestead without having to rely on others. Whatever skill you need to develop or improve homemade home ideas dot com has put together a collection of posts that covers Food & Recipes, Garden & Crops, and Livestock & Bee Keeping tutorials and tips you will need to implement to become a more self-sufficient Homesteader.

    Food & Recipes Tutorials

    17 Foods To Buy Once And Regrow Forever – Never buy these 17 foods again, simply buy once and regrow them from their cuttings, leaving you with an abundance of food all year round!

    How To Start Canning – Canning is a wonderful way to preserve foods when they are in season so you can have them throughout the year. Make the most of your crops by turning them into delicious sauces, pickles, jams, jellies…the list keeps on going.

    Homemade Apple Chips – Creating delicious, natural snacks needn’t be complicated or expensive. This simple recipe will make crunchy treats from your own home grown apples.



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