Discover The Easiest Way EVER To Catch A Chicken Without Running Around

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  • Raising chickens is a popular past-time for homesteaders because they provide fresh eggs on nearly a daily basis. But there are times when chickens get loose and you have to figure out a way to catch them. Other reasons for catching chickens are to inspect them for parasites or other potential problems. Catching a chicken can become very difficult because they like to scatter and run away. It is very important for Homesteaders to know how to catch chicken for what ever reason.

    You can try to catch them at night when they are roosting, you can bait them, or you can try using a poultry hook if you can't grab a chicken by hand.

    The video below will teach you how to make a chicken hook catcher out of a clothes hanger and show you how to use the chicken hook to catch a chicken easily. It does not look like the hook hurts the chicken.



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