Garden With Waist Height Raised Gardening Beds Without Bending Over

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  • Enjoy gardening with no kneeling or bending! Create a convenient raised garden, a stunning flower display, or a full-scale home garden. In addition to the convenience of a waist-high garden, these elevated garden beds, planters and boxes offer creative landscaping opportunities. You can place them on patios or in your yard to create a garden room.

    If you love gardening and it hurts to kneel to tend to the soil, pull weeds or pick the vegetables for your dinner meal then waist height raised gardening maybe right for you. Raised gardening beds also work well in an apartment complex with little yard space. These 2′ x 4′ garden beds are also portable if you decide to move to a new home or Homestead.

    Watch the videos on the next couple of pages for building a 2′ X 4′ raised garden bed and how to plant vegetables.

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