Get Rid Of Garden Weeds By Smother Them With Newpapers

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  • If you love gardening, you know how annoying it is when weeds begin overpowering your yard. Well, there’s a very clever solution to this problem…
    Use a carpet of newspaper, which blocks sunlight and oxygen from reaching the soil, will smother weeds already sprouted and prevent new ones from growing. Kevin over at share this awesome tip for using newspapers to smother and get rid of garden weeds.

    WHEN WEEDS INVADE MY PERENNIAL BEDS, I don’t get mad — I get newspaper. Newspaper-mulching, as we have discussed before,  makes weeds disappear instantly.  And it prevents them from re-emerging for an entire season, if not longer. I newspaper-mulched one of my weed-choked beds just this morning. Would you like to see the easy procedure?

    The bed in question is located between my Kitchen Garden and Woodland Garden.  As you can see, it is planted with young peonies, Baptisia, and some mighty expensive daylilies.

    What’s that you say?

    You can’t see the peonies? Or the Baptisia? Or the pricey daylilies?

    That’s because the bed has been overrun with wild onion, garlic mustard, and other invasive growth.

    Pulling these weeds would be a waste of time. For once the soil has been fiddled with (through the act of pulling weeds or digging up wild onion bulbs), more weedy things would be encouraged to sprout.

    But plants can’t grow and seeds can’t sprout if  they are covered with a thick layer of The New York Times!

    First, water the bed deeply. Then lay paper directly atop the weeds,  and in-between the ornamental plants.

    This young, aristocratic Baptisia heaved a sigh of relief when I approached him with newsprint in hand. Said he: “No longer shall I endure the common, weedy riff-raff who steal my food and water.”

    The trio of  ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ peonies were overjoyed, too. They can’t wait for you to sniff their fragrant pink blooms.

    The daylilies practically shrieked their gratitude. Frankly, I felt embarrassed.

    And by the way, water can permeate paper with ease.  The soil below will receive plentiful moisture whenever Nature — or my garden sprinkler — deems to provide it.

    Back to our project. Spray the newspaper with water. Otherwise, a strong wind will blow, and send your papers flying.  Wet paper won’t budge.


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    Featured Image courtesy of: AmberStrocel


    I think all organic gardeners have their favorite weapons against weeds.

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