Homemade Evergreen Scented Vinegar for Homestead Cleaning

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  • When trying to make your life more eco-friendly, it’s not just about what you eat and your overall diet. Everything from the shampoos and soaps you use to the glass cleaner and furniture polish you use contain toxins that can harm you and the environment. Pine Sol has long been regarded as one of the preeminent floor and wood cleaners. But the ‘power of Pine Sol’ may be short-lived. Cleaners and Pine Sol contain a dangerous chemical you should steer clear of. Better yet, there are much cheaper DIY alternatives that are safer to use on your floors and furniture. Bren over at Brendid.com shows how to make a homemade pine vinegar for cleaning.

    Do you use vinegar for cleaning? I’ve been making scented vinegar to use in my cleaning for a few years, my favorite has always been orange vinegar but I recently started to get a little bored. I was thinking about some of the most popular cleaner scents available (and which could be recreated with natural ingredients) and decided that pine might be a nice addition to my cleaning routine.

    BrenDid.com Evergreenn Scented Vinegar

    Scented Vinegar for Cleaning Directions

    1. Place spruce branches or pine needles in a clean glass jar.

    2. Fill with white vinegar, I used cleaning strength but any white vinegar is fine.

    3. Allow the mixture to steep for 3 to 6 weeks in a cool, dry place. (I put mine under the kitchen or bathroom sink.)

    4. Filter the branches or needles out of the vinegar using a small colander.

    5. Store the vinegar in a cool, dry place and use for household cleaning.

    Find more about this homemade pine vinegar over at Brendid.com.

    Featured Image Courtesy Of: Brendid.com


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