Homemade Insulated Socks From Old Used Sweaters

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  • Keep your feet and your family members feet warm this winter with these homemade tall slipper socks. This project turns those old fluffy sweaters into warm cozy feet wear. Before getting to work you want to gather:

    • old sweater
    • cardboard
    • marker
    • darning needle
    • yarn
    • pins
    • a pair of scissors

    The first thing to do is to figure out the size of the slipper socks by tracing your family's feet, using a marker and a piece of cardboard. Using the cut-out shape, place on the low side of the sweater and use the scissors. Next, put your feet (from the end to the collar) in each of the sleeves of the sweater. Use the scissors again to cut, after you decided how long do you want the slipper to be. To finish, just knit the foot material to the end of the sleeve you just cut off.

    You can use white yarn to give it a more festive look. Enjoy the warmth!

    Our friends over at DIY Craft Project share these images to show how to make these warm slipper socks.



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