Homemade Noodles From Scratch For Adding To Soup Or To Serve With Pasta Sauce And Meatballs

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  • There is NOTHING like homemade noodles with a hearty, meaty sauce or in a soup. Nothing. Now, I’d never pass up pasta of any kind. I have a pantry full of dried pasta and it’s my favorite food on earth. But once I sunk my teeth into homemade noodles made like these—I knew I’d finally come home.

    It is true: Homemade noodles take more time to prepare than store-bought. But they reward cooks (and their lucky guests) with fresher, richer, better-tasting noodles to serve with all kinds of dishes — pot roast, beef stroganoff, chicken and noodles, Swedish meatballs, braised meats, casseroles, spaghetti, and many more dishes. I miss my Italian Grandma's homemade noodles. She would hang them over the back of her kitchen chairs before cooking them. They were the best I have ever eaten.

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