How To Build A Cinder Block Raised Garden Bed

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  • This DIY project can be easily made, especially if you have some blocks used in some other project before and salvaged; the result is the same if you use new cinder blocks. This series of photos is from a project over at involving an 18 feet long by 4.5 feet wide cinder block garden.


    Now onto the aching back, garden attack part of the post…

    Next I did some measuring and marked the corners of the garden area with stakes. The garden itself will be 18 feet long and 4.5 feet wide. I positioned it 5 feet from the side and back fence and 6 ft from the house to allow for plenty of room to get a wheelbarrow around all sides of the garden.

    Then the going got tough. I started digging…

    After several hours I had what looked like a giant freshly filled grave. Nice. I tried to make the dirt as level as possible and I also tamped it down with my trusty hand tamper (more ouch) before we got ready to lay the block.

    This part was frustrating. It was very hard to make all the blocks level with each other, in a straight line and did I mention they are very heavy? Jim and I had a system going. Jim used the wheelbarrow to bring 5 blocks at a time over to the garden area (did I also mention that we unloaded the blocks on the opposite side of our house?) meanwhile I tried to level one block at a time…

    It was slow going. Each layer is made of 32 blocks.

    Leo was supervising of course.

    After what seemed like an eternity, we had the first row in place. Of course we had to take it back up a few blocks at a time to lay the  hardware cloth (to keep varmints from digging up and eating our veggies from the underside) and landscape fabric (to keep out those pesky weeds).

    We rolled them out one on top of the other so we only had to reposition the blocks once.


    Find more instructions and photos over at

    Featured Image courtesy of: GardenNewb


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