How To Build A DIY Dovetail Notches Log Cabin

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  • The full-dovetail notching has been used in Europe for centuries and found frequently in Pennsylvania, but rarely found in the Ozark or Appalachian Mountains. A full-dovetail is cut at a compound angle on both top and bottom edges and is the most elaborate form of corner notching. In the early developments of log construction in the Appalachians, the full-dovetail seemingly evolved into the half-dovetail notch which provided the same superior joint with less labor.

    The half dovetail is one of many types of notches. It is superior to the others for one simple reason: In the event any water makes it into the notch, the slope of the notch always directs the water straight away to the outside face of the log. Other notches can trap water within, which will lead to rot.

    I would say a lot of the people would love to build there own log cabin for their Homestead get away. Living in a cozy little cabin nestled in the woods is part and parcel of the classic Thoreau-inspired lifestyle most folks dream of now and then. But the romantic vision of log-home life is shattered — for many people — by the sheer cost of such structures, which can be as high as that of equivalent conventional homes. There are way you can build you own log cabin to reduce cost.

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