How To Build A Homemade Cedar Smokehouse

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  • Preserving food these days seems like a hard job, unless you want to do it in a natural way. The perfect medium for this is a smoke house. If you want to smoke your own meat, why not build yourself a smokehouse.

    The best part of building it on your own is that you can customize the size of the smokehouse, allowing you to fit it in your yard. You can also minimize the cost by using local materials that are abundant and cheap. And you don’t need to pay extra for the services of a contractor building it for you.

    Smoking offers a lot of advantages. Not only do you get great tasting food, the smoking acts as a natural preservative. You’ll know that what you serve to your family and friends is delicious, healthy, and safe.

    Watch the video on the next page for building your own cedar smokehouse.

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