How To Build An Automatic Watering Station For Chickens

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  • Having Chickens brings a whole wealth of advantages to just about anyone and they are for the most part ridiculously easy to care for.┬áChickens are very simple to care for and for my part only require that they be let out and put up each day (to keep predators from killing them while they sleep), food and water.

    It should be your goal to provide clean drinking water for your Chickens every day. There are many different ways to deliver water to your chickens. The goal has to be delivering constant fresh clean water. There should never be a limitation or restriction on the quality of water provided to your Chickens. The down side to limited water is chickens will not lay eggs as well and will not grow as fast.

    Instead of filling a container everyday with fresh water why not build a automatic way to dispense clean fresh water.

    On page 2 is a DIY automatic way to provide your chickens with fresh clean water.

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