How To Easily Make Elderberry Mead (Wine)

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  • Even more than just being tasty, elderberry mead is useful and quite a potent medicine. Making homemade elderberry wine is pretty easy, as long as you have elderberries.

    Elderberries like moist soil, so you’ll find them in ditches, along the edges of wet woodlands, near lakes and rivers, and other damp ground.

    Elderberries are delicious! Even more than that, they are useful and quite a potent medicine. They are nothing short of amazing. Eaten fresh, these tiny kryptonite-repelling beauties lack any flavor that would seem attractive, but cooking and drying brings out a fruity flavor that is paired with an intriguing flavor that hints of sour and bitter.

    Elderberry is a super immune booster and is a tremendous flu-season herb, both as a preventative measure and as a treatment for just about anything that ails you.

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