How To Grow Organic Popcorn Microgreens On Your Kitchen Counter

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  • The process for how to grow organic popcorn microgreens is really simple. All you will need is potting soil and popcorn seeds. Sorry, you can’t use your store bought popcorn. You will need real popcorn seed that you can find at a local market. The best choice will be organic seeds. shares an easy to follow method for growing popcorn microgreens on your kitchen counter.

    Grow Your Own Organic Popcorn Microgreens

    You’ll need: 

    • a recycled plastic salad container
    • potting soil
    • organic popcorn


    Fill container with about 2″ of potting soil. Scatter popcorn over the soil. In this case, don’t worry about overcrowding the seeds. You want the seeds to be in a pretty solid single layer on top of the soil, as pictured below.

    Growing organic popcorn microgreens is easy and you'll have ready to eat sprouts in just days. They're a great way to add fresh greens to your diet when your garden is bare.

    Cover popcorn with a layer of potting soil about 1″ thick. Water thoroughly and close the plastic lid. This helps to retain moisture until seeds sprout.

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