How To Grow Your Own Sprouts

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  • Sprouting using glass jars involves filling a glass jar or many glass jars with your chosen seeds and water and covering the jar with a mesh screen and rubber band. Leave them overnight. Growing sprouts in a jar is easy. For most sprouts, continue to sprout them until they have developed a long tail or their first leaves have begun to go green. Melissa Breyer over at shares an easy way to grow sprouts using the jar method.

    Consider the sprout. To some, alfalfa sprouts and their crunchy kin may be little more than mock-inducing ingredients commonly accompanied by the word, “dude.” But it’s time to give the sprout its due respect!

    Ancient Chinese physicians were prescribing sprouts curatively over 5,000 years ago and 18th century sea captains employed them to prevent scurvy on long passages. They can be grown easily and quickly in any climate and don’t rely on soil or sun. They require few resources and create no waste. Plus they have tremendou health benefits and don’t require cooking. What’s not to admire? And if you’re caught up on the hippie-food factor, just recast them as haute microgreens and you’re all set. Basically, they are perfect.

    What you’ll need

    • Wide-mouthed jars; you can used canning jars or reuse jars you have, making sure they’ve been cleaned and sanitized.

    • Mesh or cheesecloth and something to secure it to the jar (as in, a rubber band). If you use a canning jar, you can place the mesh on top and secure it by screwing on just the ring part of the lid.

    • Seeds.


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