How To Install A Bakers Salute Oven Above A Wood Stove For Cooking

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  • Have you ever thought about cooking on your wood stove? For those that heat with wood; having the ability to use the heat lost in the chimney flue to cook with would be an ideal situation.

    There’s nothing that says home more than a warm house filled with the sumptuous scents of good cooking and fresh bread! When I think of comfort foods, I think of steaming bread, slathered with homemade butter and fresh honey, jelly, or ham.

    Most the time people cook on a wood stove by placing a cast iron skillet or pot on the stove and cook away. Now there another way to cook with a wood stove that involves using an oven that is placed above the stove using the heat that flows through the smoke stack.

    On the next page learn more about a oven that you can add above your wood stove.

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