How To Make Homemade Farm-Fresh Farmers Cheese

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  • Like fine wine, good cheese has a reputation as something that requires expert skills and special equipment to make

    You don’t have to be a farmer to make this cheese. Fresh, raw milk straight from the barn is an ideal ingredient, but almost any type of milk from the grocery store will do. Goat, sheep, cow—any variety will work, and each lends its own characteristic flavor to the final product. The only thing to avoid is ultra-pasteurized milk, as it does not curdle properly.

    This an easy recipe for those like cheese and never though you come make your own homemade cheese. This simple recipe only requires three ingredients and few other supplies. If you are a newbie cheese maker or a veteran you definitely want to try this one.

    On the next page is an awesome recipe for farmers cheeses that is easy to make.

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