How To Make Homemade Mead The Old Fashion Way

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  • Mead was hugely popular in the Norse countries and Northern Europe up through the Rennaisance, and has been invented and re-invented anywhere there are bees. Which makes it perfect if you want to make a Thor-themed or historical alcoholic beverage to impress your friends!

    One of the most attractive things about making mead is the thread of time that it follows. Mead has been made for untold centuries and possibly for a couple of millennium or more. It is a mysterious drink with a very long history and some of this history remains with us to this day. It just is a lot of fun to find and follow one of these ancient recipes to make yourself a mead just like they made hundreds of years ago.

    If you have honey, why not make honey wine, also known as mead? If you keep bees, you can use honey from your own hives, or look for delicious local honey at your farmers market or grocery store. Mead, or honey wine, is one of oldest known alcoholic drinks in the history of man. It is made by fermenting honey and water via yeast and can be still, carbonated, or sparkling.

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