How To Make Homemade Soap Using The Hot Process In A Slow Cooker

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  • To start a good batch of crock pot soap, you don’t need to do anything special. That’s right, you can use any recipe for cold process soap. Crock pot soap is sometimes called hot process, different from cold process because it is heated and cooked for a while.

    It is easy to use coconut and olive oils to make moisturizing and luxurious soaps that have a distinct scent and sensation. The amazing thing I found different about making soap with this recipe is that you cook the ingredients in a slow cooker. I have always thought slow cookers were for cooking the family dinner. I also learned how to keep the soap-making slow cooker pot clean and safe for future use.

    The basic formula for any homemade soap is:

    liquid + fat + lye

    Lye produces the chemical reaction which turns fat into soap. Otherwise, you’d end up washing yourself with a big blob of animal fat, or coconut oil, or whatever. Lye is our friend.

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