How To Make Seed Starter Pots Using Toilet Paper Rolls

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  • What you’ll need to get your toilet paper roll seed starters made:

    • Toilet paper or paper towel roll
    • Razor
    • Scissors
    • Duct tape

    How to make a seed starter pot using a toilet paper roll:

    • Cut the toilet paper roll in half using your razor and scissors.
    • Take one of the halves and cut four slits about 3/4″-1″ or so up the roll.
    • Fold the toilet paper roll into each other to form the bottom of the seed starter pot.
    • Use tape to secure the bottom.
    • To fill put your soil inside, followed by your seed and cover with more soil.

    After a few weeks, when the seed is ready to be transplanted into the soil, you can undo the bottom of the toilet paper roll and stick the whole thing into the soil. The toilet paper roll will biodegrade into the soil.

    Watch the video, How To Use Toilet Paper Rolls To Make Seed Starter Pots…


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