How To Pave An Off Grid Homestead Driveway Cheaply

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  • If you are setting up a homestead or going off grid chances are you will want some kind of a drive or access road to your place. While gravel, asphalt and other types of paving can run into thousands of dollars if you are very far off the main road who wants to go off grid or own a homestead that is sitting right up at the road.

    How much do you think it would cost to build a 400 ft driveway for a Homestead? Most cost way too much. Whether it’s Asphalt, concrete or paving stone the cost is going to be thousands of dollars. Who really needs a concrete driveway on a Homestead anyway? Driveways are nice and service a real function.  It covers the dirt with something so you have a nice road to travel. It also removes the possibility of a muddy road during heavy rains.

    On the next page you will discover a way to pave your off grid Homestead driveway.

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