How To Tan Hides On The Homestead

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  • Every rural carnivore knows that home-raised rabbits, goats, sheep, and such — plus whatever wild animals may be trapped or hunted locally — can provide the family table with rich and nutritious food at far less than the cost of store-bought meat. Nevertheless, I've known many such people who passed up the opportunity offered by those same creatures' skins.

    That's unfortunate, since hides and pelts are just as valuable as the meat they protect land possibly more so). Well-tanned skins can be fashioned into warm, appealing clothing for only a fraction of what you'd pay in the stores . . . and natural rugs, furniture covers, large floor pillows, and bedspreads add a special decorative touch that seems to blend with nearly any style of home furnishings.

    You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for high-priced material made from animal pelts. You can tan hides on the Homestead and save money. If your family is going back to the basics, you don’t want to go to the store for sheepskin rugs or rabbit fur jackets. You can make these at home with hides from the animals you hunt for the table.

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