Ideas For Making A Chicken Tunnel For The Homestead

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  • This is a way to keep your chickens where you want them and lets them have more freedom and access to more bugs and weeds. It is a win win situation, chickens want to roam free, but we want to keep the out of flower beds and off of walk ways where their droppings are a nuisance. So these chicken tunnels make sense. You can wind the chickens out to a certain area where you can open up a fenced area where they have lots of freedom and then tunnel them back, avoiding areas like flower beds and garden plants.

    Allowing chickens to free range might seem like a good idea, but problems can arise. If chickens are not staying in areas that are preferred, then a chicken tunnel may be a good option.

    Chickens will easily dig up areas of your yard and kick up dirt as they forage for food. Building a chicken tunnel is a great way to direct your chickens to specific areas. You can easily build tunnels that are easily movable to have chickens work a different area.

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