Makin’ Smoked Bacon Using This Dry Rub Cure And Cold Smoke Method

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  • How to make your own bacon recipe. This method shows you how to make home cured bacon so you can make bacon from pork belly.

    Making your own bacon can turn out to be tastier, slightly healthier, and much cheaper than the store-bought stuff.

    Making your own bacon is fun while also a bit challenging; most of all it takes a bit of elbow grease and patience. In the end, however, you have a product that’s better than anything store-bought, and is personally satisfying to boot.

    Until you've tasted real honest to goodness old fashioned, sweet, smoky, dry rub, real American-style bacon, made in your Homestead, you've never really tasted bacon. My favorite bacon is made from the layers of fat and meat that lie on top of the spare ribs, called “side bacon” or “streaky bacon”.

    On the next page discover how to make bacon from scratch using the dry rub cure and cold smoke method.

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