Planting Tomato Plants This Way Will Produce A Bumper Crop

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  • When you’re ready to plant tomatoes, the first thing to consider is your “microclimate.” Tomatoes need plenty of sun to produce a bumper crop. Be sure to choose heirloom varieties best suited for your area of the country. There are hundreds of varieties to choose from – early varieties, mid-season varieties and late-season varieties. Early varieties that produce a crop in 52-65 days make sense in colder climates with a short growing season, while varieties that mature in 70-90 days are better for warmer areas and those with an extended growing season.

    This tomato planting method will quite possibly change the way you plant tomatoes going forward. A lot of Homesteaders find growing tomatoes to be harder compared to a lot of other garden veggies. One problem tomato plants succumb to are diseases very easily in their growth. What you put into the hole where you place the tomato plants has a lot to do with how the plant grows and how many tomatoes are produced.

    On page 2 is a way to plant tomato plants that will produce a bumper crop.

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